4 Reasons to Join an Association

4 Reasons to Join an Association

As a customer contact professional, it’s imperative to make the most of the opportunities around you. There are plenty of ways to boost your career development, to grow and become an expert in your chosen profession, but few are as effective as a membership of an industry association. The confidence in knowing that you are supporting the industry and the industry is supporting you back is invaluable.

The Auscontact Association is dedicated to building, evolving and promoting the customer contact community through supporting Members to improve their customer outcomes and creating opportunities for meaningful employment and personal growth. Below, we have outlined four of the top reasons to join an industry association like Auscontact.

1. Networking with other customer contact professionals

An association membership will give you the unique opportunity to connect and network with other customer contact professionals. Establishing relationships with other people in the industry is a great way to develop your own skills and learn different ways of operating. Members can network at state and national events to exchange, ideas, access thought leadership, and build connections across the public and private sector.

2. Access to industry information

Knowledge is power, and access to the latest industry benchmarking reports, products, services, and white papers is an incredibly useful perk. It’s hard to come across resources like this outside of an association membership, which is why they are so valuable.

3. Professional development

Investment in yourself through professional development is critical to developing skills and assisting with career progression. Membership Associations provide an extension to corporate training, offering professionals additional insights, thinking and trends related to their role and industry. It also provides professionals with the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with their peers from other organisations.

4. Access to award programs

Everyone deserves recognition for their hard work. Association awards programs are designed to empower and encourage professionals within their industry to excel. Awards programs are an excellent opportunity to reward and recognise talent, benchmark against peers, acknowledge your organisation’s achievements and identify your opportunities for improvement. Not only are the programs in themselves rewarding, but the awards nights are a lot of fun too!

If you’re looking for ways to take your operation and career to the next level, join the Auscontact Association and start connecting, learning, sharing and recognising. For more information about Auscontact membership, visit our website or contact us on 02 9906 6163.