2021 what will it be?

COVID-19 is still with us and it looks like 2021 is likely to be more ‘flaky’ than 2020, as on reflection we as a community knew with some degree of certainty what was expected of us in each of our domicile states.

In our Australian Contact Centre COVID-19 Impact Report we found that of the 92.1% returning to the office, 41.5% planned to bring more than 65% of staff back onsite.

Does that still resonate and what do you think 2021 will look like?

  • I think we'll still achieve that sometime this year, however with the volatility of state governments issuing lockdowns and changing the rules based on as little as 1 case, I think we will continue to see WFH embedded and embraced in many centres. At the very least, a rotational approach to recommencing onsite work will be established so that everyone comes back, albeit in smaller groups. If 2020 taught us anything it's that we can never know what's coming around the corner though!! :-) 

  • The rush to get people working from home in the contact centers when COVID hit meant that the technology and overarching frameworks for WFH are not at a standard that we expect them to be as a normal service offering. We are certainly aiming at bringing our staff back into the office and then will utilise WFH options in flexible work arrangements to support staff when needed. However, the impacts COVID is having on our offshore contact centers, has resulted in higher onshore recruitment requirements to maintain service levels. This will see us accelerate the build of WFH options so we can have staff rotating through our onshore sites. 

  • It certainly has brought complexity into the mix by the sounds of things. As we have seen so much changes on a dime from state to state let alone when you are adding offshore into the mix